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Dear visitors and pet owners

Dear animal friends and dog owners

Your pet dogs are welcome to Dalmare Shopping Centre. Dogs are allowed in the common areas of the centre, and the permission to enter each individual shop is granted by the tenants themselves.

Please take care of your pet’s behaviour while visiting the centre and be mindful of other visitors. We strongly recommend that you take your dog for a walk before your visit the centre, so he can satisfy his physiological needs and his needs for playing, walking and socializing. Please respect the decision of each individual tenant on allowing or prohibiting access of dogs into their shop or catering facility.

During your stay with the dog in the centre, please adhere to the “Pet Policy” which can be found here in full.


Pet Policy

Visitors of the centre can bring their well-behaved dogs on a leash – to the centre’s common areas, car parks, garages and green areas under the following conditions:

Dogs must be on a short leash at all times at the centre. Dogs weighing over 30 kg and dangerous dogs must be muzzled. The term “dangerous dog” refers to animals described in the “Rulebook on Dangerous Dogs” (Official Gazette NN 117/08).

During their stay at the centre, dogs must be under the direct control of the owner. Owners must be over 18 years of age and legally responsible for the behaviour of their dog on the principle of objective liability.

The owner is not allowed to leave his dog unattended at any time.

Dogs are not allowed in restaurants or other establishments that prepare and / or sell food.

Dog owners are obliged to immediately pick up their dog’s excrement without delay and dispose of it at the designated locations.

If at any time an authorized person of the centre determines that the dog’s behaviour is disturbing the tenants or visitors of the centre, or if he/she estimates that the dog is behaving aggressively, he/she shall have the right to ask the dog owner to remove the dog from the centre.

Tenants within the centre decide independently whether to allow dogs to enter the leased space or not.

If they do, Tenants will affix stickers to their shop windows to indicate that dogs are welcome at their store.

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